Adaptrade Builder is a software program for automatically generating trading strategies for TradeStation. You can build an unlimited number of trading strategies for almost any market and time frame, from tick bars to monthly bars, for stocks, futures, ETF's and forex. Adaptrade Builder uses advanced genetic programming technology to construct an almost unlimited variety of unique trading strategies based on your specified performance criteria. With Builder, there's no need to know the EasyLanguage programming language for TradeStation, no programming is required, and detailed knowledge of technical trading indicators or trading system building methods is unnecessary. You just select the price data for your target market, make a few settings to help guide the build process, and Builder does the rest. Builder automates the strategy development process by generating and testing thousands of different strategies automatically as it evolves a strategy based on your performance needs. It outputs clean, complete EasyLanguage code that includes rules and trading orders for entering the market, exiting at a profit, and exiting at a loss (e.g., money management stops). The program can generate day trading or position trading systems using long-only, short-only, or long/short trading logic. The strategy code is provided in open text file format, which can be pasted into the EasyLanguage editor in TradeStation (current versions or TS 2000i), where it can be run as-is or edited as desired.