The Electronic Form/Report Bundle? is an Information Manager and much more! This program has a user?friendly point and click interface that makes it easy to maneuver around and use. The program is designed to give the entrepreneur an edge over the competition. 1. There is a module which allows you to track contacts. Never again will those phone numbers and E-mail addresses get lost or fall to the wayside. Conveniently they can be stored on your computer. 2. There is a module which allows you to track appointments. Appointments are activities that you block time for. These can be such things as meetings, doctor appointments, etc. 3. There is a module whicht allows you to track tasks. A task is a personal or work-related duty or errand you want to track. Think of our program's task list as an electronic things-to-do list. 4. There are dozens of forms and letters written to help you run your home or business more efficiently. Many of these forms and letters are good to go as they are or can be taken into any editor and modified. Some of the information in the contact database is even merged into your forms and letters. 5. There is an Invoice module that is a snap to use. Print invoices, packing slips, generate sales and payment summaries, and track sales tax collected. 6. There is a Simple Loan Calculator that allows you to calculate the monthly payment and total Interest of a loan based on loan amount, interest rate, and the term of the loan in years. 7. A special section called "WRITING WINNING CLASSIFIED ADS THAT SELL." 8. Dozens of computer and business related reports packed with useful up-to-date information