Lepide Active Directory Self Service is a web based AD self service portal to provide users with the facility to reset password, unlock account and update personal information in Active Directory. Self service facility provided by this software reduces the routine tickets raised to unlock account, reset password and information update and thus saves time of both users and help desk staff. Software enables the admin to authorize end-users to reset their password by their own through web based browser. Users can perform self account unlock and update their latest personal information to keep Windows AD updated. All these actions can be performed from their computer without waiting for any help from help desk staff. Lepide Active Directory Self Service also provides the facility to authorize co-workers for password reset and account unlock on behalf of any user. To provide both users and the administrators a secure AD self service environment, software enables the admin to configure robust policies. Administrator can always stay updated with changes made in AD by generating reports. Software supports Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7 for installation. It also supports SSL and also provides the facility of GUI Rebranding. To give users a glimpse of software functionality, free trial version is also available, which allows maximum 50 users to take benefit of self service facility. To provide AD self service facility to more than 50 users, full version needs to be purchased. For more information please visit: www.lepide.com