Data Splitter is a multi-purpose search and transformation tool for web pages, files and emails. It extracts specified patterns and transmits them, and other data, to databases and files. It can: * search emails, files, web pages * gather data into files + databases * convert formats * filter data * repair data * count recognized items (keywords, etc.) Data Splitter runs data transformations created with Data Splitter Workshop. It also allows the user to specify most of the transformation parameters: * lists of input files / email folders * lists of output files / database destinations * lists of search text items, and replacement text when applicable ... plus other parameters. Data Splitter does not provide advanced configuration capabilities such as node creation. Full configuration capability is provided by Data Splitter Workshop. Data Splitter features: * HTTP interface (for getting Internet data) * MAPI interface (for scanning stored emails) * ODBC interface (for database creation and manipulation) * Wide-string (Unicode) input / output capability Data Splitter can be used to : * Parse emails * Scrape the web * Search for (and replace) text in files * Filter unwanted data * Repair data * Parse C/C++ and other programming languages * Generate C/C++ code, HTML, XML, and other formats from various sources (emails, HTML, XML, RTF, C/C++ code, etc.) * Generate and execute SQL * Count recognized patterns in the input stream: words, specific keywords, line breaks, etc. ... Data Splitter, in conjunction with Data Splitter Workshop, can be used to perform a practically unlimited variety of tasks.