Calculate roulette real time statistical data with Roulette Prediction and Statistics. The software stores real time online roulette spins and calculates all the statistics you need to know from the click of a button. Over two hundred roulette bets are calculated and statistically tabulated. Roulette Prediction and Statistics calculates data for single, splits, streets, corners, lines, evens, column and twelves roulette bets. You can see the last time a bet won, the last time a bet lost, the longest streaks of wins, the longest of losses and which numbers occur more often. You can create your own custom roulette bets for the system to calculate and track.. Roulette Statistics and Prediction allows you to create your own roulette betting strategies and test them by using the unique roulette random number generator to see which settings works best. The computer calculates which roulette bet is the next best roulette bet or bets to make based on the stored data. It also calculates how much to stake on each bet according the roulette betting strategy you design. You can choose which from five built in roulette betting strategies, which includes an adapted capped Martingale system, an adapted Labouchere system and the D'Alembert strategy. It gives you the ability to set individual roulette bet maximums and has the La Partage feature selectable. Roulette Statistics and Prediction has an easy to use interface with roulette spin data entered with a single click of the mouse on the roulette table graphical interface. Real time statistics for all calculated roulette bets can be seen in a the quick statistics window on the main screen by a simple right click of the mouse on any roulette bet position. This includes French bets, neighbour bets and your own custom bets. For full information, features, screen shots and the secret settings page visit our website.