nuevoMailer is server-based and you use it with your browser. Written in PHP for Linux, Windows and any other operating system that supports PHP and mySQL database (Sun, Mac OS X, etc). Ajax-powered, easy to use interface. Suitable both for shared and dedicated hosting. Anti-spam laws compliant. The basic entities are the subscriber and the newsletter. A subscriber is someone from whom you have at least an email address (and much more). The mailing list is simply a grouping of subscribers. The newsletter is the content that you send. The campaign is the activity of sending: any newsletter can be send to any mailing list (or a combination of lists) You can have unlimited subscribers, newsletters, mailing lists and campaigns. Newsletter management & design environment Includes a top html editor specifically adapted for a newsletter design environment. It also has a separate plain text editor (for the text newsletters). Auto-save feature with a sound alert. When you work in a newsletter your changes are saved as you work and you hear it. You can design extensively personalized newsletters. In the same way you have a "Forward to your friends" page. Create and save a text copy of an html newsletter with a single click. You can have attachments in your newsletter. You can create campaigns to all lists, all subscribers or to a combination of lists. Any newsletter can be used in any campaign for any list. In-depth clicks and views tracking reporting. Detailed links-clicked reports. You also have a subscriber statistical report. Double opt-in verification system. Many ways to import subscribers. Opt-in form wizard. You have complete control of the subscriber experience with fully customizable built-in landing pages and emails. Copy subscribers between lists, utilities to add/remove to a list. List traffic report. Auto-responders after a sign-up. Via the use of filters you can pick subscribers at a certain number of days after they subscribe (e.g