Fast mp3 recorder for the achievement of [the line, microphone and audio player] unlimited MP3 recording / WAV audio software, the software provides audio playback, audio size display, and other functions, is a very good MP3 recording tools. 1 Product Features Fast MP3 Recorder accomplish the following: 1) lines and the open-microphone MP3/WAV sound recording. 2) Open-player software, voice recording crawl and MP3/WAV. 3) MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG2.5 agreement MP3 encoding, decoding support. 4) CBR, VBR, ABR agreement MP3 encoding, decoding support. 5) Audio playback. 6) suspended recording and playback function suspended. 7) sampling rates from 8,000 to 48,000. 8) MP3 encoding rate from 8 K bps to 448 K bps. 9)Audio volume size adjustments. ? 2 Use of the environment Fast MP3 Recorder developed by FastMediaSoft Inc. of multimedia decoding technology, and efficient MP3 encoding technology, the transfer of audio technology, no other software placement is a safe, green software products, running environmental requirements are as follows: Operating system: WINDOWS XP and 98 2000 above products. Memory: 128 M above. Ordinary sound card