PDF Permissions Password Remover is a small and powerful PDF decryption tool. It enables users to remove copying and printing restrictions from encrypted PDF files. It's quick and easy-to-use. Batch decryption is supported. Remove PDF Password and Restrictions If the PDF file is protected by Owner Password: PDF Permissions Password Remover can unlock the PDF automatically and create unlocked PDF copy without entering the password. *Owner Password: Password which is used to protect PDF files from editing, copying and printing. If the PDF file is protected by User Password, PDF Permissions Password Remover will skip these files. *User Password: Password which is used to protect the files from opening. It is also called Open Password sometimes. Batch Decryption Batch Decryption means users can remove PDF password and restrictions for multiple encrypted PDF files at one time. This can highly improve the working efficiency when there are large amount of files need to be dealt with. Easy to use Remove PDF password and restrictions with just 3 simple steps: Launch - Import - Decrypt High Compatibility * Support Adobe PDF 1.0-1.7 * Support decrypting PDF files in any languages * Standalone, do not require Adobe Reader or Acrobat System Requirement * Operating System: Windows 2000,XP,Vista,7 * CPU: Intel 512MHz * Hard Disk: 100M and above