Italian edition. Create ebooks with ease with this FREE tool. An all-in-one visual environment, not just a compiler! Can output a standalone EXE with one click, a compact AEH file, EPUB MOBI suitable for Kindle iPad iPhone Nook Sony reader, Palm, Blackberry, Nokia, Mac, Linux, PC and most smartphones. Various degrees of protection: clipboard "copy" disabling; print disabling, one or more pass for different groups of pages, or different passwords for different users; expiration date. Possibility to force the full screen display. Full text/keyword search. Fast, visual, comprehensive: frames with drag&drop, hot spots, mouseover images, visual linking, popups. The internal album makes it easy to reuse objects and images, the clipart and templates collections help you to obtain results immediately, the optimized hypertext management makes it simple and visual even the placement of elaborated frame-to-frame links, the global search/replace speeds up the work. Thanks to the AEH compatibility, you can even instantly reuse your works for Internet publishing for HtmlHelp and complex CDROMs, with the other VisualVision products.