EDM Email Sender is a desktop application designed to send bulk emails directly to your customers or client. It does not depend on the SMTP servers or accounts, while delivery the email message to the destination directly from your local computer. With EDM Email Sender, you can fully customize your messages and precisely target your recipients. This is the way of saving money for your marketing. You only pay for the software once and can use it without any limitations or fees. It is very easy to start using EDM Email Sender and send your first mailing. But with more time, you learn how to use advanced features and take your emailing into a new level you never thought possible. The feathers for this software including, * Mailing list address import and export: email ids? can be imported from both text files and excel files. The addresses on selected mailing lists can be exported to TEXT (.txt) or EXCEL (.xls) files on your system for easy storage and backup. * Dynamic Variables: Use dynamic variables to represent recipient names, which automatically get replaced with the subscriber?s name when mail is sent. * Email Sending Reports: Detailed Reports on mailing status can be accessed. * Both plain text and HTML email messages can be delivery to the receipts. * Dynamically show the status and progress. * Support multiple character sets such as Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Western European, Japanese etc. * MIME encoding method can be used to send messages with images and links. Thousands of businesses around the world have chosen Abot email marketing software, including Abot Group Mail Professional and EDM Email Sender, for their email communications.