pageQ integrates social networking, social bookmarking and live search. Like iTunes, but for web pages. Use pageQ as your browser while researching the web. Capture the pages you want to keep with the camera icon. The web page sequence (Q) you create can be saved and re-played, or emailed to a friend. The Q is controlled by a player toolbar (play, pause, rewind, ff...). QNet is an online library of Qs. Anyone can search QNet and display Qs in their default browser. You need pageQ to create and upload Qs. A Q is a great way to consolidate different content on the web about you, your social network, group, company, products, promotions. Anyone can view it and with pageQ you can keep the content fresh. Qs on QNet can be open for wiki type contribution or password protected in public or private groups. Amaze your friends; send them your top 10 YouTube clips in a Q, whatever! pageQ enhances the web surfing experience by making it more dynamic, repeatable and collaborative. It's simple and fun to use. pageQ is for web researchers who want to better organise their favorites, share web sites, and generally be more productive on the net. * pageQ allows you to group frequently visited sites into playlists (Qs) of web pages * using the pageQ toolbar you can create, edit, play, save, upload and email Qs. They are simple to build. Drag and drop from your existing favorites or history into a Q. Type a url directly into the address bar or surf about and capture pages. Save the Q locally. The Q is your 'album' of web pages in your play sequence. * A notation space is available for each page if you want to use it * send Qs to your mates or upload to QNet . They are tiny files, about the size of a txt email. * search QNet by title, description, keyword, author, group, category. * QNet provides rating and comments about uploaded Qs. Web research by real human beings ? kindred spirits. pageQ is the wax for your internet surfboard.