MediaUniverse is a management system used to organize, manage and coordinate organizations digital media (text document, audio and video files, as well as animations and graphics).The system acts as a tool to store and manage all media by using customized cataloguing procedures. It also integrates the technology of information capture and storage management by predefined indexing techniques. The media stored in MediaUniverse can be retrieved, searched, filtered and distributed to client terminals. Features: 1. Well-organized representation of documents and media. 2. Support unlimited media format. 3. Store media in folder, as well as encrypted in system database. 4. Scan and store. Build-in capturing tool that integrates with scanning machine (pdf and tif format). 5. Intelligent search engine. Character-based and filtering capability for ease and quick information retrieval. 6. Easy to setup. Can be used as stand-alone as well as multiple users (client/server, shared database). 7. Dynamic reporting queries with multiple filtering criterias for information sorting. 8. Maximum systems security and access control for preserving data integrity.