AnnoPlan is a powerful, date-based spreadsheet, designed for flexibly Rostering Staff, Machines, Rooms etc. It is also good for Planning and Calculating over time. As with most spreadsheets, your screen is filled with variable-width cells, but AnnoPlan's cells are tied to an automatic calendar at the top. Drag over cells to get Count, Sum, or Projection. Define your own Flags or simply enter Text/Values into the variable-width cells. This program has a date-range of 1928 to 2097, and you can cell-search the entire 170 year range. Data saves to a Networkable database. Grid is Switchable - 5 or 7 day weeks. Prints easily viewed rosters and Flag-Meanings. Horizontal Scroll button now displays desired date as you slide. New Email button creates a JPEG view of your current Roster, then auto-attaches it to a blank email composition, ready for you to address and send. For example, create a Roster for your Staff, then email it out to them. Low use of disk-space - doesn't have to hold every cell on disk - just the ones that contain data. This means you may instantly Jump forward 50 years and enter data, then slide back to the present.