Anyone who needs to generate Aztec bar code need look no further. The answer is Barcodesoft Aztec bar code software. Aztec bar code is a high-capacity 2D matrix barcode symbology. It is able to encode both ASCII and Extended ASCII characters. Aztec Bar Code is defined by ISO/IEC 24778:2008 standard. Its unique centered finder pattern and module placement algorithm makes Aztec bar code looks like a maelstrom. Aztec barcode Matrix size ranges between 15 X 15 modules and 151 x 151 modules. Each module is either black or white. When using Full Range Mode of 151 x 151 modules and with 25% error correction, Aztec bar code is able to encode up to 3000 characters or 3750 numeric digits. Barcodesoft Aztec bar code printing solution allows user to select predefined Aztec code symbol size and error-correction level. There are 36 predefined Aztec Bar Code symbol sizes available for Aztec bar code to choose from. And there are also 19 different error correction levels for Aztec Code to choose from. Level 5 (23%) is the default error correction level of Barcodesoft Aztec Bar Code. The higher the error correction level is, the larger size of Aztec code, and the less chance for decoding error. Barcodesoft Aztec Premium Package empowers you to print Aztec barcodes from desktop printers. There is a true type font, a crystal reports UFL DLL, a GUI encoder included in the package. There are also a Visual Basic sample and VC++ sample in the package. You will find how easy it is to integrate Aztec symbol with your own application. Barcodesoft Aztec Premium Packages include a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, you will receive a full refund within 30 days.