Map Suite Services Edition is a GIS development framework you can use to create spatially aware Windows services, Web services and console applications. Native to the Microsoft .NET Framework, Services Edition offers a next-generation GIS development experience with features like: - Transmit images fast with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) - Deliver imagery in standardized format with Web Map Service (WMS) - Use less code to accomplish more with the new streamlined API - Supports Oracle Spatial, SQL 2008, PostGIS and ShapeFiles - Customizable drawing system, data sources and more - Includes over 90 "How Do I?" sample applications - Enjoy royalty-free distribution of your project - Professional online support, training videos and guides - 1-Year Software Assurance Plan Map Suite Services Edition's powerful GIS feature set includes spatial queries, projections, track shapes, GDI+ drawing, geometric functions, class break and value-based rendering, and much more. Designed for Visual Studio 2008/2010 and .NET Framework 3.0 and higher.