Start-Q is a Windows startup manager which main purpose is to make FAST Windows login process. So with Start-Q you can get to work or be entertained much much sooner. So in a sense it helps improving your productivity by improving the login experience. Start-Q also gives you the ability to fully control the launching process. For example with Start-Q you can skip some startup items or pausing the launching process. With it you can even make sure important items get more priority from Windows and the CPU (or vice versa, i.e. less important ones get lesser attention). It provides a queue in which the launching of windows startup items can be ordered based on priority (or simply your taste). With this approach the processes created by the startup items won't compete for resources. This will resulting in faster and smoother launching/execution. Overall result is you will gain control to your PC much much sooner. It also makes advance options/parameters in creating process available to you. The availability of these advance features at your hand allows you to fine tune the processes created by the startup items. For example, now there is an option to specify the priority the process created your startup items. So you can make sure important items get more cpu time so their tasks can be completed faster. There is also an option that make it possible to immediately hide the main window (if there is one) of the respected application upon launching (no more annoying flashes), or to make sure a startup item fully complete execution before launching the next one(s). You also have the option to fully control the startup items launching process. Like pausing the launching process, skipping particular item(s). This feature even helps you to get control to your PC as soon as possible. Because whenever you need to gain control to your PC ASAP, you can simply pause the startup items launching process or skip all the items.