DelphiCodeCoverageWizard? is a simple wizard to setup and build scripts for DelphiCodeCoverage - a simple Code Coverage command-line tool for Delphi. Preconditions A Delphi project executable (.exe) A detailed mapping file for this project (.map). Note : The wizard has it own copy of DelphiCodeCoverage?.exe What help does it provide DelphiCodeCoverageWizard? will generate the command-line and additional files to run the coverage for this project. You can also choose which unit to cover. Usage Download the application. Run it and follow the wizard ! Output Script A batch file (.bat) is created for a easier one-click coverage execution. Two listing files (.lst) containing units list and units folder list will be created. Coverage output The coverage report is from DelphiCodeCoverage?. For further information, see the project page. Credit A really big thanks to Christer Fahlgren for his delphi-code-coverage release.