A multi-lingual organizer that makes managing your time easy, iZeit is written in PHP, which makes it totally customizable. It offers a calendar and to-do list and supports multiple categories and users to manage events, recurrence, themes, event comments, RSS feed, iCal import/export, public/private events, AJAX integration, PDF output, custom fields, and much more. There's a simple plug-in you can use on other pages, such as blogs and native translations into several languages including Turkish, Czech, Dutch, Danish, German, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Georgian and Italian. We'll even install it for you if you're new to the web! iZeit also provides a stripped down view designed for mobile devices. iZeit can be installed as a standalone organiser or used within other pages using inbuilt functions. The development team is constantly looking for new features to add to iZeit, so if you're looking for something special, post in our forums and we'll add it to the next version!