Bar code labels maker application generate high resolution bar code sticker images for supply, packaging and distribution department in least amount of time. Highly interactive bar code creator software is suitable for different distribution sector including wholesale food, electricity, beverage, garments, jewelry, paper distribution, food service, petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemicals, bakery, electronics and many others. Supply and packaging industry bar code label designing application allow users with extraordinary feature to create own style of eye catchy bar code images and to save them in different files formats including JPEG, WMF, PNG, EMF, Bitmap, TIFF, RIFF, GIF, EXIF, JPG and many other similar formats in PC or Laptops at particular location for further usage. Non destructive bar code tag producing utility satisfies growing labeling requirements of various products including cloths, luggage, frozen food products, parcels, medicines and others. Extraordinary features: * Bar code generator application create attractive sticker images in various formats including asset tags, product bar code labels, holograms, rolls, wrist bands and many more. * Expertise bar code sticker maker software helps supply, packaging and distribution industry to efficiently improve their productivity and profitability. * GUI interface enables users to friendly work on bar code maker application for packaging industry without any special training or technical skills for operating software. * Professional image designing utility facilitates users with extraordinary feature to print colorful bar code labels or multi copies of created bar code on single paper. * Supply and packaging industry bar label maker tool allow user to edit designed bar code batch process setting, designing view setting and printing setting.