Mosaic Converter is a computer software use to design and create mosaic picture, which can be applied to a variety of work such as Mosaic tiles, Card stunt, Cross stitch. Software has the ability to design an original image. Users will be able to design an original image as needed. The ability to insert images, text, geometric shapes and independently on the original image that you want. You can forward it to the image converter to convert original image to the mosaic (reduction color image) of the selected colors. Software can display the data sorted by color sub-divided into a spreadsheet to facilitate the preparation of the desired image. Software can create a summary sheet and place for that desire and the file shows the layout code in the CSV file which can open this file type in the program Microsoft Excel (c) Users can then send the data to continue the various Users can also customize the color you want and the price per color to be use for cost of all images calculated with. Designer features 1. Users can set the size of the color piece or calculated from the actual job size. 2. Users can set the sheet size. 3. Users can choose how to arrange the pieces of color between a square and a diagonal 4. Users can insert text, rotate text, picture, line, rectangle, round rectangle and ellipse or circle to job designer. 5. Users can change details or add effect to each object. 6. can set a background image with option to hide / show 7. can save design layout as image file to Jpeg or Bitmap. 8. can zoom in/out for ease of design 9. can set grid for reference to object with snap to grid option. Converter features 1. can add color independently. 2. can export / import the color set. 3. can select the color to job independently. 4. can assign color-coded and unit price of each color piece. 5. can display colors that are used in order of number that is used. 6. can set level of each color tone (red/green/blue) for best result.