A simple tool for gathering your thoughts. Use it to plan writing projects, manage to-do lists, and capture brainstorming. Imagine you're about to start a new project. As a first step, you get out a notepad and start planning. Soon your mind is bombarding you with great ideas, but in more-or-less random order. The only way to reorganize is to rewrite; you spend a lot of time copying. Idea Cruncher gives you an easier way to get your early ideas organized into a coherent plan. Ideas are shown in a familiar tree format. New ideas are added to the tree simply by typing text and hitting enter. Once in the tree, ideas can be moved around through drag-and-drop or cut-copy-paste. Each idea has a notes window for storing details. Highlight any idea and immediately see the associated notes. The program also includes an integrated text editor for producing drafts of writing projects (e.g., essays, proposals, articles, etc.). This editor occupies the bottom part of the outline window so that you can constantly refer to your outline and notes as you're writing your draft. (For a to-do list or other non-writing project, the text editor can be hidden.) This program is designed for simplicity -- we have consciously avoided extraneous features that might lead to visual clutter or confusion for new users.