To eliminate any possibilities of data recovery for deleted useless important data, Kernel File Shredder is the best tool. It is one such utility that securely deletes the files so they can't be restored using any data recovery software. This data shredder tool removes all deleted confidential record & information from your hard drive and place you in safe stage. While performing data shredding operation, the file is overwritten several times and it rewrites the file with random series of binary data number of times. The utility performs this operation by using data shredding algorithm which use different rounds of overwriting to ensure that the deleted files can never be recovered. In this way, the original content of the file gets completely overwritten and simultaneously reduces the chances of restoring a shredded file. Finally, this data shredder software makes it impossible for any individual to find any evidence of important information even after hacking your computer system. Just within few minutes, you can complete this file shredding task. With the help of this data shredder tool, you can shred the files in any format. In addition to file shredding, this software also facilitates you to clean up your computing history like temporary system files, Windows temp files and Internet files. It is empowered by various file shredding algorithms like as Zeros (1 Passes), DoD 5220 (3 Passes), US Army AR380-19 (3 Passes), US Air Force 5020 (3 Passes), German VSITR (7 Passes), HMG IS5 Baseline (1 Passes), HMG IS5 Enhanced (3 Passes), Russian GOST P50739 95 (2 Passes), Canadian OPS-II (7 Passes), Peter Gutmann (35 Passes), DoD 5220 + Peter Gutmann. For more information