offers the most affordable charting control, built with 100% managed code and the C# language. has versions for both WebForms (ASP.NET) and WindowsForms. Main features: .NET Framework 2.0 support, .NET Framework 1.1 support, ASP.NET 2.0 DataSource support, 2D and 3D rendering of charts, Both the ASP.NET and the WinForms Controls use Smart Tags, Chart Designer that makes it easier to design charts. New features introduced in ChartingControl.NET v1.6: Flash Animations: Animations can be set individually for title, ellements backround and legend. Different animations to choose from: Drop, Move left, Alpha, zAxis, Height, Width, etc.. The duration for the animations can be set for easch group. Animation easing can be individualy set for each group. Different Animation effects to choose from including Regular, Bounce, Elastic, Strong, etc. PostBack support. The size of the flash file is less than 20K, and the chart data is usually just as small. 3 New Controls: ChartWinControl - designed to be used with WindowsForms. ChartingControl for ASP.NET 1.1 - to be used with ASP.NET 1.1. ChartingControl for WinForms 1.1 - .NET Framework 1.1. Northwind Demo Projects for all 4 chart controls. Regression Series (.NET Framework 2.0): Both the ASP.NET and the WinForms Controls can do regression series. You can choose from linear, polynomial, exponential, hyperbolic, parbolic and several other models. Design-Time Support Enhancements (.NET Framework 2.0): Both the ASP.NET and the WinForms Controls use Smart Tags. A new ChartDesigner that makes it easier to design charts and test for data validity. New Chart Type: MapPoints MapPoints is used to draw geographic locations on maps. Suport for WMS Servers, and automatic map downloading even at design-time. Download zone maps. Suport for multiple cathegories of locations. Custom Image Points.