In recent years, virtually all use flash drive or removable disks. Many of you long ago got its own set of favorite, easy-to-use programs that reside on a pocket flash drive or other storage media. If you use two - three programs discomfort usually does not arise. If the number of frequently used programs you reach a few dozen, there is a problem with a quick search for the necessary executable files on the media. To solve this problem, we offer you a simple work that does not require installation and is totally free application - Linker. Linker - allows you to arrange a convenient and quick start any program located on any storage media. Thanks to an organized structure, filter tips and you will be able to quickly find and launch the desired program. You no longer have to remember which folder is the file you want. We've already done it for you! Features: * Support for paths with global variables. (Example:% WinDir% \ system32 \ cmd.exe). * Function to run programs as administrator. * The check for new versions of the site and car setup. * Support for display of icons for files with standard extensions. * Intelligent editor added programs. * Adding new programs by dragging and dropping from Explorer. * Displays the program as a tree. * Launch programs by double-clicking or pressing Enter. * Quick filter. During the recruitment program name list is filtered out. * Minimize to the System menu (system tray). * Automatic folding / closing program in the system menu (optional). * Storage of program descriptions (for reminders). * Hotkeys. Also to expand from the system menu. * Highlight the entire group with a dedicated program. * Change the order and nesting of features Drag & Drop (drag and drop). * Save window position, depending on screen resolution.