FFT Properties is designed for spectral analysis of very long signals. It includes both optimized computational part and visualization engine required for this purpose. It delivers among other features: - Recording and playback with arbitrary sampling frequency by using the fastest sample rate converter. - Real time envelope and energy computation during recording with history overview and frequency analysis. - 24-bit/96kHz and 24-bit/192kHz recording and playback support. - Support for Windows Audio Compression Manager allows reading any Windows-supported file format on the system. - Support for text files, raw/pcm (arbitrary format) files and wav file format. - Ability to compare multiple averaged spectrums. - Excellent quality 3D Surface chart with unique navigation capability. - Multithreaded batch file processing for rate conversion, digital filtering, signal generation, signal modulation, demodulation, envelope detection and signal conversion. - Zoom-spectrum feature. Select higher resolution and narrower bands with any sampling frequency. - arbitrary real number factor rate conversion with high speed and accuracy - High speed narrow bandpass filter, can have any bandwidth limited only with the length of the signal. - Basic digital filter designer support with a wide range of optimal FIR and IIR filtering. - Math expression evaluator for scaling of signals. - HP Calculator style signal generator. - Save and load settings of all processing pipes and charts. - Frequency analyzer features accurate non-parametric phase angle measurement of non-periodic signals and linear phase peak filtering. - Analytical spectrogram with highest accuracy imaging in an FFT analyzer with time-frequency analysis. - Support for real time analysis of largest file sizes. - Read/write and analyze complex/analytical signals - digital filter designer - concurrent analysis of arbitrary signal count