Our fully downloadable POS software allows your PC or Apple Mac to act as your till in your cafe. Every-things already done for you... all you need to do is download it straight off our website and then input your menu. Our product improves the efficiency/ accuracy/ intelligence and management of your establishment. BC Resto is a POS computer system (compatible with both PC and Mac), A fully downloadable point of sales system made specifically for independent restaurants and cafes Our specific inventory control capability is especially advanced as it allows you to track and correlate inventory depreciation with up to the minute orders and sales You will know exactly what is going on in your establishment at all times! (Even when you are not there) Our software allows your PC or Apple Mac to act as your till in your establishment. Our software is very easy to use and needs no installation except a simple download from our website.You have myself and the developer at your service any time during the week or weekend. The software is all done for you and all you need to do is input your menu (a process which you can choose to do by yourself or over Skype or telephone with the developer of the program). You can contact me on +33811030997 to discuss possible discounts with regards to our software.