StesCodes provides services to grab friends from different social networking site like twitter, facebook, Hi5, myspace, linkedIn, bebo, Zorpia, yelp, xanga, flixter, netlog, lastfm and more. The process is very simple in grabbing friends, all you need to pass the username and password to the StesCodes DLL and the return values are collection of friends name and ids. Fetch friends from Twitter, Facebook, Hi5, Myspace and more.. As on our journey StesCodes has taken the next step in sending invitation/message to their frinds. Our Friend Inviter provides the option to select their friends from various services such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, bebo, Flixer, netlog and more..The user just need to enter their credentials and then type their message or invitation by selecting their friends, finally after hitting the send button, the invitation/ message reaches their friends inbox. Friends inviter satisfies the below except twitter uses oAuth. * Stescodes uses no exe?s * StesCodes uses no user redirection for permission * StesCode source code will work both in shared and dedicated servers * StesCodes provides code update * Uses no OAuth