SelaRou : a help for foreign languages learning This software aims to help the user to be able to understand a recorded voice and to be able to speak. - The user of SelaRou can listen to a sound file, listen again some parts of it and slow down the sound speed. - He can also record himself and then listen, compare his pronunciation to the one on the file, and improve his accent. Nobody indeed is a better critic than oneself when listen to one's own voice. - He can also record himself on a new sound file that be be stored on a hard disk. He can cut some parts of this file, or record again those parts. He can therefore record step by step, improving the file gradually and producing an optimized final document. This software looks like a voice recorder with some new features. It works with sound files which the user can: - create - modify by re-recording any part - modify by inserting another sound file - listen to at places chosen by him (the tags) This software has also the ability to slow down the sound speed whithout changing the pitch. It is particularly useful for improving the knowledge of foreign languages to users who have yet a basic background. You can take a great advantage from this software when you have at your disposal a written copy and also a record of this document. You can find such documents, written and recorded, in specialized publications or on the Web; or it is perhaps possible to ask a foreign friend to record an article from a newspaper.