CommonCents is simply the best budgeting and personal finance software available. Even if you are new to envelope budgeting and to managing your finances with an envelope system, you will find CommonCents easy to learn and simple to use. CommonCents is rich with powerful features. Here are just a few. Uses the "envelope" method of budgeting In CommonCents each category of your budget is represented by an envelope. Every paycheck will get distributed into these various envelopes. When you spend money on groceries, the money comes out of the groceries envelope. When you pay your rent, the money comes out of the rent envelope. Your account and envelope balances are immediately updated so you know exactly how much money you have on hand and what it is allotted for. Familiar checkbook-style registers All of your income and expenses are recorded using a register system. In essence, it's just like working in your checkbook register, except that CommonCents enables you to distribute your transactions to your budget envelopes, and it does all of the math for you. Manage all of your financial accounts CommonCents handles all of your financial accounts, including checking, savings, cash, and credit card accounts, as well as other asset or liability accounts. This allows you to view at a glance your total financial assets and total financial liabilities. Easy reconciliation With the Reconcile Manager, you can reconcile all of your accounts in a matter of minutes. Automate transactions and allocations Use the Schedule Manager to automatically perform reoccurring transactions. Password protect your information CommonCents gives you the option of protecting your financial information with a personal password. Detailed financial reports CommonCents enables you to produce very detailed financial reports. Each of the default reports are completely customizable to provide you with the precise financial information that you need.