Do you know Sudoku! Forget all that you know! With Against Brain Limit Sudoku, Sudoku is online and warlike! The 1st Battle Online with Sudoku! You are fed up with alone playing ! Need action ? Meet people on ABL Sudoku and find an opponent in your rank! Challenge your friends! Bombard your enemies and become the boss of Web! Be logical, attentive and completely crazy! Attention! Be careful! Explosive Game! Frequent bombardments! Sudoku becomes offensive on Against Brain Limit Sudoku! When the grid of Sudoku becomes mined ground, it is whom you are on Against Brain Limit Sudoku ! PLAY Sudoku in 16 different backgrounds with Numbers, Roman numerals, Letters, Colours, Forms, Egyptian Symbols, on 5 skills levels, 4 Options of game and a new child game Sudoku " Tibidous ". CREATE your special puzzle with the "solvor" and RESOLVE all the grids of your daily papers. Resolve the 27 puzzles of the Against Brain Limit Sudoku CHALLENGE. DISCOVER two new totally on-line games and participate in the biggest tournament of Sudoku! PLAY on the Web! JOIN THE COMMUNITY! INCLUDE: Single mode: Infinity of Sudoku 16 beautiful backgrounds 5 skills levels + 1 child skill level 4 Options of game An individual Challenge of 27 puzzles Print grids and their solution Customizable games A ?Solvor? resolves all your grids with the function ?to create a grid? On-line modes: 3 Chats: English, French or private. 2 on-line Games: a classic game. A ?Crazy Battle game?, to play a grid, to defend a base and to bombard the opposite grid - 8 different Attacks - 5 different Defences Tournament include Try IT !