The Bfexplorer PRO offers three types of user interface for bet placing, the market grid view similar to the user interface on betfair web pages, the selection list view (?ladder?) user interface for placing, updating and cancelling bets, and Bfexplorer Trader for multi selection trading on the list view interface. After a bet is placed at betfair market the selection on which you placed the bet is automatically added into the Watched selections window where you can see the price/odds movement and your current position. If you want to close your position (trade out with equal profit) you simply click on Profit button, or on the Close position in the Watched Selections window. You can monitor as many markets as you want quickly switching among them through Watched Selection window or Market list. The application offers a set of Bet Wizards for placing bets when preset criteria are met, bet wizards for placing a bet and closing position, backing or laying all selections, back or lay dutching. As this application is used by traders it offers trading strategies for any of mentioned user interface components and extensive bot script support both by built-in bots or customizable bot scripts. This unique feature enables you to write your own bot scripts in Visual Basic or C# programming languages. For users who are not familiar with any programming language the Bfexplorer PRO offers a Bot Executor with Bot Criteria Editor which can be used to setup different scenarios for bet placing or trading by utilizing all offered bots (including customize bots). Such bot criteria is then used on the selection when needed, just by clicking on the start bot toolbar button, or for your fully automated solutions which can run on the Trade Opportunity Lookup service. The application supports the Excel automation as well.