Tigra Menu is free JavaScript menu navigation component for web sites. This is the script thousands webmasters around the world have chosen for its great feature set, flexibility, performance and tons of support materials offered free of charge. No matter if you are web mastering guru or newbie - this is what you've been looking for. Features: * Unlimited menu depth with all levels independently configurable * Unlimited number of menus on a single page all independently configurable * Settings inheritance: no need to specify repeating level settings anymore. They can be inherited from parent if they are the same (NEW) * Expand-on-click mode is available (NEW) * All styles and most events supported, allowing sophisticated visual effects (UPDATED) * Configurable geometry, makes it possible for menu items to drop down the way you like it * Improved timing settings for better usability (UPDATED) * Low weight and high performance * Frames and other targets support (UPDATED) * Transparency settings (NEW) * Minimal efforts when upgrading to Tigra Menu GOLD (NEW) * Customizable tooltip and status bar messages (NEW) * All popular browsers supported * Future browser's versions ready * Object oriented easy to read JavaScript implementation for those who want to learn DHTML programming * Online menu builder, documentation and forum are available * The menu is FREE for any applications * Plus size optimized version: speed up loading time and save your traffic (NEW)