Easy-to-use and smart disk encryption program that lets you create encrypted disk partitions (volumes) to keep your private data secure. Rohos Disk hides your programs and data, and restricts access to them. Rohos Disk's AES 256-bit encryption protects you against viruses, spyware and other malware. With version 1.10 of Rohos Disk, you can keep your password on USB flash drive for easy access to Rohos disk. Personal encrypted disk: Offers simple, robust encryption for email and files. Easy access to secured documents from MS Office and virtually any Application. Rohos provides individuals a simple, easy-to-use desktop encryption solution to protect digitally stored information with an integrated solution based on strong, broadly accepted security technology. Rohos lets you replace your password with a USB flash drive for automated access; No need to remember your passwords for personal encrypted disk. For both first-time and power users: Rohos Get Ready Wizard automaticaly configures Rohos and helps you to learn basic Rohos features. Rohos Disk Tech Specs: - AES encryption with up to 256-bit keys. GOST. - Large encryption capacity - up to 4TB for Windows 2000/XP. Encrypted volumes can be mounted and dismounted at any time. - Automatic disk connecting on system start - Integrates into MS Office applications. When Rohos disk is connected you can use disk icon from Open \ Save document dialogs that keeps your personal disk within easy reach. - You can access Rohos disk by USB flash drive.