Only QPower gives you the performance, functionality and edge you need for a demanding and competitive marketplace. Unique Concept You start a queue of rebate units with QPower. Customers invest in these rebate units for guaranteed high appreciation. As more rebate units join the queue, the preceeding rebate units mature and appreciate. On falling due, you offer the value of these units as rebate against goods and services bought by the customer within a specified period. Appreciation and rebate can be guaranteed within a preset time period (say 180 days)or maturity whichever is earlier. Queue investors who persuade other members of the public to join the queue can get their own units to mature out of turn. For example in a Factor 3 queue if queue investor brings in 3 units from his friends in public, his own unit will mature instantly even though it may be far behind in the queue. QPower has also a provision for lucky draws to give investors an out of turn maturity in a queue. This is so that people are enthused to remain in the queue and not retire premature. It is also possible to start a new queue in the event that competition starts a similar queue or the queue slows down due to sheer arithmetic. Penalty applies beyond specified period after maturity. The customer must buy to claim the full rebate. As a result, your sales smoothen out over seasons and week days. High liquidity is a bonus. What is more, based on buying preferences of queue investors, you get a sales forecast and planning capabilities. Depth of Functionality QPower is flexible - you enjoy the freedom to make suitable settings of unit appreciation, maturity and the like. As a power user, you will be delighted at the facilty to filter and trigger emails and SMSs to your customers or simply print mailing labels or update maturity status on website. Plus, there is a wealth of management and operational reporting as well as Statistical charts to remain in control.