Keep your LCD or Plasma screen looking like it was the day your got it! With our DVD you can prevent burn-in and ghosting, repair dead pixels and even use our DVD to calibrate and adjust your screen settings so that you get the best picture possible! Repairing you TV has never been easier! Simply insert our Pixel Repair DVD into any DVD player attached to the screen you want to use it on, turn on your DVD player and do everything the Pixel Repair DVD tells you to do! It really is that easy! How Does the Pixel Repair DVD work? There are actually a few processes we use to ensure you get the most out of your display. For issues such as ghosting, burn-in and dead pixels we give you three methods of repair. The first is a never-ending cycle of colors sent to your display which help recalibrate the color production of your display's pixels. Second, we offer a continual wash of TV snow which helps remedy image ghosting, screen burn-in and other residual effects all while balanving the pixel intensity of your display. Thirdly we offer a constant pure white image sent to your screen as another aid in getting rid of unwanted burn-in, ghosting and unwanted images. Also included on the Pixel Repair DVD is a section devoted to calibrating and adjusting the settings of your screen. Did you know most LCD and Plasma screens are sent from the factories with improper settings or with settings that are meant to make everything look fantastic when displayed at a big, bright store? These settings are horrible for home use and unless you properly adjust your display you will never get the beautiful and high quality image your TV is capable of. This section of our DVD has been created as an easy step-by-step tutorial complete with everything you need to properly adjust all the necessary settings in order to give you the best possible viewing display you can achieve. Only $9.99US Instant Download or $19.99US for mailed DVD on our website at