A computer assisted human translation and software localization tool that opens several text files and document formats from INI and PO files to Office Open XML documents. The supported formats are detected using customizable document filters. These filters make also possible the extraction of the translatable content and exporting the translations. OmegaT+ maintains the translation work in translation projects. For each project OmegaT+ creates a project directory structure to contain the original documents, glossaries, translation memories, translation documents, and specific OmegaT+ project information. OmegaT+ extracts the content from the original document and creates segments. Instead of a dual pane editor the segments are displayed in one pane and the translation can be entered below the source text. The program supports the standard TMX translation memory format to speed up the translation process by utilizing the existing translations and provides exact and fuzzy matches what you can select for the translation of a segment. OmegaT+ uses a docking desktop framework with multiple internal views (translation editor, matches, messages, documents, metrics, glossaries, search, original, and translation). In the era of the do-it-yourself translation and localization OmegaT+ provides a top-notch solution both for beginners and professionals.