This database application for the recording and reporting of chemicals or hazardous substances is based on Australian legislation and regulations. The application has relevance for all companies or businesses that store and use these hazardous substances. The built-in requirements and safeguards can be utilised for the safe storage and handling of these substances which is a great benefit to the environment, the public, and specifically any employees involved in processing or handling these substances. The application has been used successfully on a very large manufacturing site in Victoria, Australia. The main hazardous substances database has provision for the recording of multi-company and multi-site data. There is also a synonyms database because some hazardous substances are known by more than one name. There is a suppliers' database because of the need to be able to track information such as Material Safety Data Sheets, and instructions in the case of an emergency. There is also a chemical library provided which records information such as the CAS Number, The Hazardous code, United Nations code, and the dangerous goods diamond sign required for each entry in the database etc.There is also a stores database which records all of the details of the stores that hold the hazardous substances. Detailed instructions of items to be included in the input fields for each of the chemicals, synonyms, suppliers, library and stores databases are included in the comprehensive help file included with the application. This file covers how to operate the application and also a detailed explanation of chemical hazards. This explanation covers just what is a hazardous substance, the classification of dangerous goods, the Material Safety Data Sheet, a glossary of hazardous terms, international safety and risk phrases, and dangerous goods signs required.