Zoom is a powerful program that allows you to magnify, measure, capture images, pick colors, highlight and paint and write on screen. It is especially suitable for - visually impaired people with sight problem for a better computer accessibility, - teachers and tutors during lessons and presentations, - graphic users With a lens you can move and magnify and click everything on the screen or you can see in a fixed or self-movable window everything runs under the mouse or you can easily drag one or more rectangular area on the screen and instantly see them magnified, then you can do the following : - Capture, magnify, resize, copy, save, print the images - Measure and select regions, lengths and angles (in pixel, cm, inch units ) - With the powerful color picker, easy select and then copy and save any color in 4 models, plus 7 different formats, plus your custom format, plus the name, plus a comment ( = RGB, HSL, CMYK, iRGB; Hex, HTML, VB, Long, C++, Delphi, Frontpage, your custom format; standard Name; comment) it will be used the featured .rtf file type (the most editable, flexible and portable universal type for images and text) - Stretch images (usually to correct distorted sources) - Display current cursor shape, 4 grids, 2 on screen rulers (in pixel, cm, inch units ) - Track caret ( = text insertion point) following any typed character on the centre of its window - Freeze mouse focus or move mouse with accuracy from keyboard (at 1 pixel step) - Handy dock to screen borders, full screen view, hide titlebar - Paint and write on the screen (!) or edit images by highlighting, magnifying, underlining, adding symbols, backgrounds etc. (and by recording and playing changes in a sequenced slide show, like a movie)