A tiny utility to act as your color diary. Pick and save color. Search color. It provides unique color saving and lists all colors elegantly. Th unique color palette let you browse the colors saved so far. All predefined web colors are also there. Very good for web developer to remember their custom colors. The new search feature helps you find desired color by name. It is so tiny and pretty. It supports all color models like RGB, HSL, HSV, CMY and CMYK. Color Archiver 2.4.0 Release Notes ================================== New Features in version 2.4.0 -Added text boxes to show/copy RGB and CMYK colors -Color decoding provided from all the enclosed formats (RGB, CMYK, WEB COLOR, HEX, LONG, HTML) New Features in version 2.3.0 -Added 'Measure' function for on screen element measurement. Can be used for many purpose but basically helpful for win/web form gui development in applying accurate pixel dimension. New Features in version 2.2.0 -Can type and decode web color -Tool tip color palete New Features in version 2.1.1 - Added HexConv feature which is very handy for developers. It support conversion between Ascii / Decimal / Hex and Octal - Screen fixings. - Bug fixed to re-select last selected user palette color on startup - Tabs moved to left, search box moved to right which is more conventional - Proper tooltips for ease in use New features in version 2.1.0 - Support for CMY, CMYK, HSL and HSV color space - Support for RGB, CMY and CMYK color component display - Saving the sceen shot to be loaded on next run. - New Color dialog for Hue, Saturation, Lightness color space - Mouse scroll support for all numeric fields - Mouse scroll support for Zoom when capturing screen.