LMusix? creates multi-layered 'self-similar' musical structures by interweaving multiple musical themes using a Lindenmayer System (L-System). Features: - Complete production system for a context-free deterministic character-based L-System. Specify or create random starting strings and production rules for over 40 production variables. - Assign musical themes, transformations, and instrumental-textures to each of the L-System production variables. - Create thematic material using the in-program editor or import from MIDI files. Several random theme generators are provided. - Recursively generate and syncronize up to 8 structural layers. - Create instrumental parts from different recursion levels using different melodic or harmonic couplings. - Compose up to 20,000 measures for 1 to 16 instruments. - Save as LMusix? project or MIDI Format 1 file. - Numerous randomization options to facilitate rapid experimentation. - User Manual covering L-System theory and program information.