P2P Calendar Synchronizer is an Outlook add-in for Exchange users which auto duplicates and syncs Outlook calendar appointments created in a public (group) calendar to a private (mailbox) and ready to sync to most PDAs, Pocket PCs or Smartphones. P2P Calendar Synchronizer is a helpful, convenient, efficient management tool for creating an appointment on a group calendar which will automatically replicate up to your department or team?s personal calendars. With P2P, mobile professionals using PDAs, Pocket PCs, Smartphones, or BlackBerry handhelds can copy their Exchange group or global calendar and mailbox calendar down to their mobile device. P2P Calendar Synchronizer can also improve scheduling efforts for managers, coworkers, team members or assistants by synchronizing private and public Outlook calendars in their organization. With P2P Calendar Synchronizer, users can easily view other users? calendars which is great for increasing productivity and saving time! Visit www.DidItBetter.com for 10-day free trial versions or call a DidItBetter Software Consultant today for more information. 800-837-8636