SnapProc is designed for user defined processes. It works as a stand alone on a PC without the presence of Oracle. Oracle LST files obtained through spooling are understood by SnapProc for the purpose of getting column(s) information of the table(s). SnapProc generated code should be copied on to the Oracle installation. On using the programme command file in association with the table(s), a working process is obtained. SnapProc lets you: - Run processes from your own application programmes. - Relate multiple tables using one to one and one to many relationships. - Freely place and move data column(s) in all areas of the Process layout: title, group headers, detail, group footers and summary. - Update or Append to other table(s) conditionally. - Calculate and source new column(s) for update or append to data column(s). - Define break(s)/group(s). - Reset total(s) to obtain subtotal(s) by group. - Query processes at runtime on any user defined parameters. - Avail an in-built Steps Wizard that automatically and progressively guides you in steps to build a process. - Reference on-line help and comprehensive manual.