Corte gives a highly optimized computer solution to the problem of minimizing waste material when cutting rectangular sheets and longitudinal bars. The Corte?s calculation engine, which is designed to find non-approximate but true-optimal solutions, uses classical optimization techniques, like linear programming and dynamic programming, together with a powerful completing heuristic and a sophisticated cutting variants generation algorithm. Most likely, Corte will find an optimum solution for the given task, and when it won?t, a nearly-optimum solution is guaranteed. The program can be used when cutting different kind of materials: metal, glass, plastic, wood, etc, in different practical environments. - Easy and friendly interface. - Full automatic calculation of the optimum cutting patterns. - Background calculations with options to automatically save results and shut-down the system. - Combination of different material types (sizes), each of them having either limited or unlimited availability. - Technological options that condition the parts layout in the generated patterns to fulfil technological requirements. - Configurable measurement units with wide support for Metric and English systems. - Configurable label formats. - No limit for the amount of different part types. - No limit for the amount of different material types. - Up to three levels of optimization to set up an agreement between optimization quality and calculation time. - Full manual edition of the calculated solution. It includes: definition, modification and elimination of cutting patterns, addition of new parts and materials, change in the order and location of the cuts, elimination of redundant cuts, and so on. - Several printed reports containing all the necessary information for documenting and realizing in practice the cutting plans as well as the scaled graphics and zoomed details of the cutting patterns. - Excel data import and export. - AutoCAD® drawing export