AtCursor makes various tasks required in searching or providing support information about any windows application available right at the tip of cursor. For example, searching for support information on web, writing blog posts about software issues along with screenshots, bookmarking important links, sharing quick comments, tips or feedback about windows applications can be done without switching to browser or other tools. Information retrieved from current cursor position about a windows application is used for searching on the web, so user does not have to type search parameters. The same information is used for organizing bookmarked links and discussion threads into AtCursor Directory which is hosted in Windows Azure cloud, so that, thousands of users of the same application can instantly access them. If you?ve thought about a tip or comment in the middle of using an application, with one click get a small window, type in your thought and move on with your application. It is added to a discussion thread dedicated to the part of application that right is below the cursor. Or, if you wanted to quickly capture and write about how to solve an error, in the middle of using an application, with few clicks, take a series of snapshots, complete writing the steps, and post it on to WordPress. It will be added as a bookmark, thus becoming accessible to other users of same application. Software vendors can get quick contextual feedback from customers so they can provide support and improve their software for future releases. Read more at -