BatchUpdater Toolkit is a 5-in-1 software package that lets you modify or update Outlook, Lotus Notes, ACT!, Google Apps, Palm Desktop data records in batch quickly and smartly. Advantages of using BatchUpdater: - Save so much effort: BatchUpdater updates multiple records in one time. - Avoid mistakes: If you do all the updating manually, you may make some mistakes you don't even know. BatchUpdater won't inject typo errors. - Easy to use: BatchUpdater provides a wizard user interface lets you update records step by step. - Almost all the writable record fields are supported. You may update all the information in the Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes. - Rich update modes are supported. For example, for the text string fields, the available update modes are: Set, Append, Insert, Replace, etc. The software package contains the following components: - BatchUpdater for Outlook: Update Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes records information in batch. - BatchUpdater for Google: Update Google Contacts, Calendar information in batch. - BatchUpdater for ACT!: Update ACT! Contacts, Calendar, Todo and Opportunities records information in batch. - BatchUpdater for Lotus Notes: Update Lotus Notes Contacts, Calendar, Tasks records in batch. - BatchUpdater for Palm Desktop: Update Palm Desktop Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memo records in batch.