LANScans' HRScanIT makes it easy to maintain control over the use of critical business resources. With a small client program installed on each PC, theHRScanIT Web server can report on PC usage, including email, internet usage, application activity and more. HRScanIT respects the privacy of individual users by limiting reporting and access of personal data. With HRScanIT you can see who is sending and receiving email, but you cannot see the email content. Use HRScanIT to monitor the communications habits of staff, without invading the privacy of individual messages. A typical application of HRScanIT involves the installation of a small client on each PC. The client transmits activity data on a regular basis to the HRScanIT server. Reports are accessed via a secure customer login on the server, and asset data is available via standard web browsers. Use HRScanIT to spot misuse of business resources before it happens ? by monitoring the computer habits of your staff every day.