Efficient ID card making tool is used in making labels for the purpose of identification done in all small and big business sectors by verification of the photo, name and SSN of the employee. Software allows the user to integrate all these relevant information on a single card that may be electronic readable by the use of barcode generator for the purpose of privacy by digitizing all the private information in barcode number and save that to your database which will be fetched when required. The feature of built-in barcode generating capability and introduction of password makes the application different from the other insecure tools available in the market. Advance card designing objects like image, rectangle, pencil, text, arc, star ellipse etc and user-friendly Graphical-user-interface make it simple for the user to fully utilize all the available and required features. It also grants opportunity to simply revise generated photo designing settings to make Gradient, Solid Color, Image, Style and Text settings etc. Provided resource is fully compatible with Window7/Vista/XP, Window server 2000/2003/2008 etc and all other higher versions. Features: ? Software creates several copies of labels with various colors and text value without any trouble in minimum time. ? Dedicated label designing application is included with numerous card scheming items for ex. ellipse, text, arc, rectangle, line, pencil, image, star etc to devise striking personality cards in unforced approach. ? Tool helps in crafting card in various stunning resembling ellipse, rounded rectangle, rectangle etc. ? Advance ingrained printing settings formulate the services of the utility more consistent and make possible high quality printed cards. ? Availability of trial version of the software with equivalent features make beginners comfortable in understanding the functioning of the application and after satisfaction, he can purchase the full version.