Wish to use your favourite POP3 client instead of Outlook? Have program that work with emails via POP3 and want it to work through Outlook? Then install this application and get what you want! Mapi2Pop3 allows one to read/access Outlook folders via Pop3 protocol and send messages through Outlook via Smtp protocol. This can be useful in the following cases: - You wish to use your favourite Pop3 client for email messaging but have Exchange server without Pop3/Imap support (so you forced to use Outlook) - You have application that can interact with/benefit from Pop3 or Smtp services and wish it to work thourgh Outlook folders - You have PPC or mobile phone and with to use it`s emails in your favourite Pop3 client, but PPC/Mobile software allows synchronization with Outlook only. In this case you can leave synchronization with Outlook as is and connect to local Outlook folders through this proxy