Tetris Deluxe includes 6 versions of Tetris, such as Classic Tetris, On-turn Tetris, Horror Tetris, Wide Tetris, Mini Tetris and Mirror Tetris. Classic Tetris is a simple classic Tetris game. In On-turn Tetris, you cannot turn the block manually, because it turns by itself. To stop the block rotation press the abort button (spacebar or Down button as usual). Playing Horror Tetris, you cannot see how the block is falling, only where it will fall! In Wide Tetris, the layout is not vertical as in other Tetris games, but. horizontal instead. The width of the playing field is greater, and thus the game is somewhat easier! With Mini Tetris, the gameplay is the same as classic Tetris, but this room is one tenth the size and this forces your to come up with new tactics. Finally in Mirror Tetris, you will play this kind of Tetris with a whole new dimension!