Full featured FREEWARE application. MCM ALchimia is the most simple, fast, friendly and multilingual Software to perform Monte Carlo simulations, focused mainly on the estimation of measurement uncertainties. This standalone application arrives to fill a gap in regard to the simulation with random variables specifically on the uncertainties of trial calculation, containing specifications that make it unique on the Internet. It does not use Mathlab, nor Excel, nor any 3rd part software. Just MCM ALchimia. You just need to put your math model, asign a probability distribution to each one, throw the simulation and wait just a few seconds to get, not only several hundred thousand of samples, but also sub-simulations, for each individual variable, obtaining values of individual uncertainty contributors, which allow the analyst to find main parameters to correct and improve the test under study. Its intuitive interface allow users to start simulate their models just in first minutes with no instructions. Some of its features are .- Friendly and secuential interface .- The whole workflow in just 3 windows .- Customizable language with external modules (not unicode) .- 35 Built-in functions in model editor .- Animated histogram to watch simulation progress .- Report with several stat parameters .- Shows the impact of each individual parameter in the total uncertainty through sub-simulations. .- Customizable and unlimited number of iterations .- 15+ discrete and continuous distributions .- Automatic distribution for experimental inputs .- Customizable confidence interval .- Uncertainty budgets Expressed in classical (GUM) format .- Several possible result values (mean, most probable, etc) .- Bar chart for sensibility coefficients. .- Not Mathlab, not excel, just MCM Alchimia. .- Intuitive interface to work without advanced stat knowledge .- Experimental inputs with 2 possible distribution (Normal or t) .- t-student correction for Normal distributions